Retail & Garment

Nexus Plastics offers both kinds of plastic garment bags; both straight shoulder garment bags and slopped shoulder garment bags.

Nexus’ also provides retail bags for protecting clothing and can provide a high-end 1mm gauge in 40”, 54”, 62”, 66” and 72”.

Registered bags, for consistency of printing, are available in 40”, 54” and 66” lengths.

Nexus printing capabilities enable the company to print 2-color up to 4-color through its in-line printing process. Nexus can provide any color concentrate including white, opaque, yellow, blue, etc.

Different materials are available for printing including low, linear low and high density.

Printing Abilities

  • up to 4 colors
  • any color concentrate

Density Ranges

  • low
  • linEAR LOW