Our Mission

Commitment to People

Our mission is to implement sustainable flexible packaging solutions that cultivate the growth of our customers, employees, and community.


Building a company on customer satisfaction


Our story begins in 1982 with our president and founder, Marwan Sholakh, an ambitious young immigrant, working as an engineer for a large polyethylene manufacturer. While working on innovative polymer structures, he began spending less time with clients and more time behind the scenes. In losing touch with his client base, he began to lose his sense of purpose and fulfillment he enjoyed most about his job. By focusing solely on innovation, his company lost sight of what was most important, their customers.

With his values in order, Marwan decided it was time to take matters into his own hands. With a skeleton crew and some spare machine parts, Marwan and his team were able to build their first extruder and manufacture their first products under the Nexus name. Initially, sales were hard to come by, but through hard work and devotion to their customers, our reputation spread, and the clients started coming.

Since then, the devotion to our mission of investing in our customers, employees, and community has led us to expand and become the company we are today. We are excited continue moving forward see what the future holds for us. 

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